Review of Tyrrell's Chips

A chip isn't always a chip.  That's what I've learned from trying a few varieties of Tyrrell's chips, sent to us to try out with my family.  These-hand made English chips are truly the closest thing to having chips from the UK as I have ever been.  First, these were super crunchy, like a typical kettle chip.  They weren't all made from potatoes, however.  My favorite of the bunch were actually a blend of root veggies (think carrots, beets, and turnips.) I really liked how sweet and savory they were, although my husband wasn't a fan.

He was more into the standard potato chip. There are a few varieties of this "chip" for him to snack on, including Lightly Sea Salted, Sea Salt and Cider Vinegar (these are a vary traditional UK flavor that we didn't particularly care for), Sea Salt and Cracked Black Pepper (very peppery), Mature Cheddar and Chive (YUM!), and Sweet Chili and Red Pepper (different, but pretty delicious), as well as the Worcestershire Sauce and Sundried Tomato (this tastes like it sounds.)

As a big fan of the U.S. version of "kettle chips", these are super firm and well flavored.  They also seem more satisfying, but I'm sure that's because the texture is so pronounced, they really feel like you are eating a bunch of whole chips -- not some thin and soggy crumbs that some chips turn into after opening the bag.

If you are looking for a good party chip, or perhaps even a chips for late night Netflix binge-watching sessions, this is it.  Just be sure to turn the sound up; it's hard to hear Burn Notice over all the crunch.

Get all you need to know about these chips at the official website!

*Samples received. Opinions are my own.