5 Fun Snacking Ideas for After School Tummies

My kids are homeschooled, but that doesn't stop them from asking for a snack each and every day at 3pm.  Since we still have lots to do by that time each day, including chores, games, and preparing for dinner, I know that it's best for everyone if I give them something that fuels them up.  I also know that they grow tired of the same old snacks; variety is a must at our home!

Having a choice of two snacks works well, especially since each kid has their own tastes.  Here are some convenient ideas for busy moms --and kids -- to put on the table after school each day!

Sunridge Farms Organic and Natural Snacks

For days when the kids really need a delicious and nutritious snack for energy, I can win them over easily with the variety of HealthyGo single-serve, 1-ounce snacks in BPA-free packages from SunRidge Farms.  The kids each have their favorites: Moses likes the Dried Cranberries (which are all natural), while most everyone enjoys the Organic Deluxe Trail Mix (which is full of whole nuts and pieces of dried fruit - including organic raisins, roasted peanuts, sunflower seeds, almonds, dates, apricots, pumpkins, apples and walnuts!)  Everyone loves the Sunny Bears gummies, which are just the right amount of chewy and sweet.

All items are perfect, not just for after-school snacking, but good for tossing into a lunchbox.  Get full details on what they offer at their website.

RITZ Fresh Stacks

Our favorite buttery cracker is now more convenient.  At a bit more than two servings per wrapped stack, I can get out 2 stacks and keep the rest in the box, as fresh as the day we bought them.  The kids love to make their own mini "sandwiches" – 2 crackers with their choice of cheese, peanut butter, or cream cheese between them.

They come in the original flavor, Whole Wheat, and "Everything".  I'm a big fan of these crackers and am very happy to see these little packages. (I've been known to eat more than I should!) Get more snacking ideas on Facebook or Pinterest.

CowWow Cereal Milk

Sometimes, all a kids really needs is a filling glass of milk!  When ordinary milk won't seem like much of a treat, the cereal-inspired flavors in individually-packaged CowWow organic lowfat milk are really something my kids enjoyed very much.  With flavors like Fruity Trudy, Cinny Minny, and Chocolate Chip Cathy, kids won't hesitate to drink every last drop. These are also perfect for those snacks on the go (perhaps on the way to a sports event), as they come with a straw!  They are shelf stable, too, so you can keep them in your backpack or diaper bag until you really need to fuel up.  Find out more about this organic option at the CowWow website!

Roasted Chickpeas

These are so crunchy and salty and delicious!  Making them takes very little time, and the results are a fresh and healthy treat that all my kids enjoy. Get the full recipe here.

Quest Protein Chips

Chips don't seem like much of a healthy snack, do they? Quest Protein Chips, however, are the world’s first snack chip that is high in protein, low in carbs, and is gluten free! My family has been filling up with these light and crispy snacks after school, or anytime we need to treat ourselves to something savory.  Each small, single-serving bag has 21 grams of protein, and they are baked, so you don't have to worry about extra fat or calories.  Gluten-free families can safely eat all three flavors: Sea Salt, BBQ, and Sour Cream & Cheddar.  They have a different texture than a chip, but our kids had no problem adapting to this healthier version of their favorite "junk food."  You can buy them on the Quest website.

Which snack is your favorite from our list? 

*Samples of some items have been received to try in our home. Opinions are our own.