6 Things I Love About Buying Electronics on Holiday Layaway

Layaway, that mysterious trend I remember from being a kid, is back again this year at Walmart.  And, instead of my childhood memories of my mom having to drag a cart of stuff back to a dark customer service department in the rear of a cheap retail store, plunk down a hefty fee and hope and pray that she gets enough money by the holidays to pay it off,  Walmart's version of layaway is much, much different (and thankfully much better, too).

In fact, I highly recommend layaway at your local Walmart store as a responsible option for busy families on a budget.  Here's why:

1. You don't have to miss out on the "hot" toys.  My kids have been screaming for Disney Infinity 2.0 ever since they heard it would have Marvel Superheroes.  Yes, we had to have it.  No, we didn't have the money (yet). We could grab it from our store's shelf and put it away until later, with no worries that they would sell out before we had cash in hand.

2. Kids can get in on the act.  While only adults can "do layaway", it's a great method to help kids save up for items they want to buy for the holidays, either for themselves, or for family and friends.  My kids actually had to earn their Disney Infinity 2.0 with chores, so the layaway gives us a plan and a deadline for doing their tasks and earning the money -- with no charge to my credit card.

3.  It's painless.  People at Walmart live and breathe the layaway process. There are signs everywhere.  Really, it's a matter of grabbing your items and heading to the customer service department (most are in the front of stores) with your merchandise.  They know what to do from there.

4. It's free.  Yes, you need to put a down payment of $10 or 10% (whichever is greater), but that payment goes 100% to your purchase.

5.  You have until December 15th!  That gives you over 2 months to pay off your balance and pick up your items.   This encourages planning and keeps last-minute shopping to a minimum.

6. Top electronics are included.  While there are plenty of product categories that are eligible, the stuff my kids want are the electronics.  If Santa doesn't want to mess around with "toys" but would rather go big with TV's or a new gaming system, you can choose layaway to help fund it.  (Note:
Individual items must be $15 or greater. Total purchase must be $50 or greater.)

Need some ideas for "layaway-eligible"items for under the tree?  In addition to Disney Infinity 2.0 starter kit, other electronic gift ideas include:
Is there something you want from the electronics department that you could possibly put on layaway?  Remember, gifts for yourself count, too!

Layaway orders not paid for and picked up by December 15 will be canceled. Any payments will be refunded, less a $10 cancellation fee. Offer valid 9/12/14 – 12/15/14. Available for electronics, automotive electronics, toys, infant toys, select sporting goods, small appliances, furniture & infant furniture. Excludes wireless phones that require contracts. Walmart and Walmart Supercenter stores only. All fees non-refundable. The cancellation fee does not apply in all states. Some restrictions apply. 

As a participant in the Walmart Moms Program, I've received compensation for my time and efforts in creating this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.