Halloween Party Treats: Candy Corn Dusted Cupcakes and Low-Calorie Witches Brew!

If you haven't given any thought to what you will be making for this year's Halloween party, you are not alone. Sadly, I wait until almost the last minute every year. Thankfully, there are some really cool products out there to make it easy, like the Brach's Candy Corn, Peeps Pumpkins, and the new Pillsbury Orange All-Star! Cake Mix.

Seriously, if it's orange, I'm trying.  So, we put together this fun cupcake featuring, of all things, candy corn crumble!  Here's how we did it:

1. Prepare the cupcakes as instructed on the package.

2. Make up a marshmallow frosting, like this one we used here from Martha Stewart.  Top the cooled cupcakes with the frosting.

3. Crumble up about 2/3 cup of candy corn in a blender (we used my Ninja) and top the cupcakes right away with the crumbles!

If you wait to use the candy corn crumble, it will all stick together into one horrible blob.  You can try blending it up once or twice to free the crumbs again, but you can't do this more than a time or two or you end up with one giant candy corn blob.

This was a deliciously simple way to use candy corn on a cupcake in a way that's a bit less obvious.  They turned out very pretty and colorful! You could also add one of the Peeps pumpkins for a fun kid's party treat!

We served these cupcakes with some low-calorie "Witches Brew", which is ironic, since the cupcakes are obviously NOT low calorie.

To make the brew, we put 1/4 cup or more whole fresh frozen cherries in the bottom of a plastic Aladdin Mason tumbler.  Add 1-2 drops of food-grade blue coloring and fill to the top with Sparkling ICE Flavored Water (Black Raspberry).

This was yummy and fruity and bubbly -- like a cauldron!

What snacks will you be serving this year?