How to Have a Seriously Leak-Proof Sippy Experience

If you're a mom, daycare provider, or teacher, you know all about how important the Sippy cup is to a household.  I have watched all of my kids drag around a favorite cup until they are old enough to drink well out of a normal cup (and even then, years after.) One thing I've learned about these products is that many of them leak and/or they are ridiculously hard to keep clean.

USA Kids brand cups are different.  They have high-quality insulated sides, easy to drink from spouts, and they are seriously, no-kidding, leak-proof.  I don't mean that they won't leak only if your child is an angel that never tips it upside down for fun or throws it against the wall in a temper tantrum.  I mean that they are leak-proof all the time.  Even in the most ridiculous of melt-downs.

These come in a variety of designs, are BPA-free, and are made in the USA. (Alabama, to be exact.) They are also made of recyclable plastic, so you can toss it responsibly when you're done.

Get the full scoop on these affordable cups, now available at Walmart stores in my video:

Find a 2-pack in the baby aisle for $5.47, or stay home, order online, and have them shipped to your door -- free -- with qualifying orders of $50 or more!

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