Jodi Picoult's "Leaving Time" In Stores Now -- save 40%

If it's been awhile since you sat down and read something just because you wanted a good read, then you may be a prime candidate for Jodi Picoult's new title Leaving Time.  This is a book that my Grandma has been talking about for quite awhile.  She has been waiting to read it when it came out -- which happens to be today!

If you're not familiar with Jodi Picoult, she has quite a library of titles behind her name.  Many are bestsellers, and you've likely heard of My Sister's Keeper and Lone Wolf.

The book follows the daughter of an biologist who studied elephants and disappeared after a tragic accident.  As the daughter grows up, she reads her mom's journal entries and learns more about both her mother and the passion to help the large animals.  While everyone presumes that her mother is gone for good (either dead or living a new life somewhere), the daughter Jenna never quite gives up hope.

Her desire to reunite with her mother (or at least find out the truth about her mom's disappearance) leads her to enlist the help of a hard-nosed detective and suffering psychic.  Both add some extra layers to this journey of a girl who kept her bond to her mother alive -- even when odds said it couldn't be done.

What did I think of this read?  I found the storyline compelling and the characters easy to relate to.  I did find it to be a bit distracting at times, as each chapter is written from the perspective of one of the characters.  It flips back and forth between being told from the daughter, detective, and psychic's perspective.  As someone who prefers stories being told in third-person form, I found myself getting a bit lost from time to time.

The story is heavy on conversation, as well.  If you like hearing speech in your books, more than reading about scenery, you'll think this is a quick-paced read and will likely finish it before you know it!

This suspenseful tale is now available at your local Walmart and at a low price of 40% off cover price.  Pick it up now, and add to your collection -- you can always share it with a friend when you're done.  (I'll be giving my Grandma my copy!)

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