Kazaz! Brings Stories to Life!

*This post was written in partnership with our new favorite educational app, Kazaz! Opinions are always our own.

I want my kids to read more.  And I'll do just about anything to have that happen, even if it means embracing more screen time to get them excited about literature, books, and the written word!  Our "reading" aresenal is full of apps and activities to give them a fun and engaging way to be exposed to more books, and this includes using iPad apps.  The latest we tried, Kazaz!, was another brilliant example of how technology can reinforce traditional phonics and language learning skills.

The app itself is free to download, and it comes with a limited amount of content to get started with right away.  It features bold illustrations, vibrant characters, and fantastic tales that kids can follow easily, while being exposed to new words and ideas.    Kids move along the virtual map to new places, experiencing that new land via the stories offered there. The stories not only read to them, but require them to interact through gems, which kids can click on to reveal extra facts and information.  The 10-minute story has the potential to engage them for over an hour!In addition, 3 children can each have their own profiles, saving their progress and keeping their own found gems (which is super important to my boys.)

Each story, which can be purchased separately within the app, offers a preview summary for parents to see what the story will be like before they buy.

Kazaz! takes the fun offline, as well.  3D characters from the app can be purchased, and free gifts will be available for families to print later this fall with their own 3D printers.

You can find Kazaz! in the iTunes store, now, for free.  Stories range in cost from $1.99 - 2.99.

You can also learn more about this project of American Story Channel at the official Kazaz! website.   Check out updates on new stories, which are being added all the time, by following them on Facebook and Twitter! (And look for the app to become compatible with AppleTV.)