Motherhood's Snot Easy - Enter to Win a Disney Cruise!

Boogie Wipes, the maker of kid-friendly saline nose wipes that are easy to take on the go, are rewarding their fans with a yearlong contest, and you can enter to win!

Each month, 10 moms will win a year's supply of Boogie Wipes -- and ONE lucky mom will get a 7-day Walt Disney Cruise for four.  To start the entry process, moms must get out the video camera and film their children answering four questions, capturing what children really think about moms in priceless videos.

The questions are:

1. What does mommy cook for you at dinnertime?
2. What type of clothes does mommy like to wear?
3. What does mommy do all day? Is she busy?
4. Does mommy pick her nose?

When the video is complete it can be uploaded on the Boogie Wipes® contest page to complete the entry process. For rules, regulations and full entry details for the “Motherhood’s Snot Easy” contest visit:

Good luck!