The Lille Punkin' Big Fall Entertainment Guide (Giveaway)

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2014 has been the year of the family-friendly movie.  We have been overwhelmed with choices of movies, TV shows, books, and more that we can watch with our kids and not require them to cover their ears -- or eyes.  The trend toward making things that kids and their parents can enjoy together is amazing... and encouraging.  But that doesn't mean there aren't some that we love more than others.

To help you decide what titles to catch with your loved ones, we have put together the best in one list.  Introducing, the Big Fall Entertaining Guide!  Enjoy! (Titles are in no particular order; we LOVE them all!)

#1. Gustafer Yellowgold's Wisdom Tooth of Wisdom (Rated G)

This title tops our list, partly because we are rabid fans of the Gustafer franchise, and because this is just that good.  If you aren't familiar with the yellow alien who resides in Minnesota, I recommend you get acquainted.  This DVD doesn't disappoint as our humble hero finds a giant molar in the ground, goes on a quest to find its owner, and learns a valuable lesson in wisdom, worth, and honesty.  My kids' favorite tune in the collection is "Secret Fox", but I appreciate jamming to "Telephone." Like all Gustafer titles, this comes with a DVD disc and an audio-only disc for taking in the car or on the road! (Amazon: $22.98)

#2. Moms Night Out (rated PG)

This film is perfect for the whole family, but only the moms will truly relate.  This epic romp, featuring Patricia Heaton, Sean Astin, Sarah Drew, and Trace Adkins takes a group of moms away from their stressing family duties to a single night on the town, and it leads them to a crazy adventure that ultimately reveals some very hard and must-learn truths about being a mom.  An all-star cast, perfect comedic timing, and a big-budget feel give this faith-inspired film a chance at becoming a favorite in every American home. (Rent it or own from Amazon.)

#3. Jack and the Cuckoo-Clock Heart (NR)

If you're looking for something totally and completely different, this foreign flick might be for you. With breathtaking animation, catchy song, and a super unique storyline, the tale of a baby born with a frozen heart, made whole with a clock mechanism, and inspired by a forbidden love is stunning.  While not rated, parents should be aware that the tale is seemingly harmless, but certain elements are a tad mature; a brief cameo by Jack the Ripper (no one is harmed), a few lyrics with some "spicy" romance themes, and a few "freak show" creatures make it uncomfortable for the youngest viewers.  A less-than-happy ending shouldn't stop you from watching, however.  This title is a rare look at what happens when foreign cultures share a fairy tale with no apologies. (DVD available exclusively from Walmart.)

#4. Thunder and the House of Magic

Read our full review of this fabulous family film, then get it at your local Walmart!

#5. Sleeping Beauty: Diamond Edition (rated G)

This remastered version of the original Disney classic really takes me back!  Having my kids see one of the films that shaped my childhood is a blessing, and the Diamond Edition contains the Blu-Ray, DVD, and Digital HD copies to enjoy for years and years.  There are 2 hours of enchanting bonus features, as well, including 3 deleted scenes that were completely new to me and other extras (sing-a-longs, the making of the movie, and commentary from celebrities.)   Find it at retailers like Amazon, starting at $22.46.

#6. Million Dollar Arm (rated PG)

This is another exciting Disney flick, but one that is completely brand new!  The story of scouted baseball talent from India, it combines some real-life issues of culture clash and the warmth that can only come from a Disney film.  We really looked forward to this film, and John Hamm of "Mad Men" fame really makes it something special!  The studio that put it together also did "Miracle" and "Remember the Titans", so you know that it's not just another sports movie. This is rated PG, so expect a few words that younger kids might not appreciate; overall, this is an excellent film for the 8+ crowd, and it is something even the 'rents can get into! Get the DVD, Blu-Ray, digital combo pack from Amazon for $22.46.

#7: Slugterra: Return of the Elementals

This theatrical release came to DVD almost immediately, giving my boys the chance to watch their favorite animated TV show in a full-length movie.  Slugterra, which is the account of a team of young people who use magical slugs to battle evil, is a strange but wonderful series that has really grown on me.  It emphasizes teamwork, honesty, and never giving up, but in a fast-paced way that boys can grasp and enjoy.  This film doesn't disappoint.  Grab it on DVD at Amazon for under $11.

#8: A Long Way Off (Rated PG)

The Biblical story of the Prodigal son is one that has been told time an time again through film, but not quite as well as in this summer release from Word Entertainment.  Jake Burkey of October Baby and Mom's Night Out fame plays in this gripping redo that stays true to the spirit of the original story, but with modern appeal.  With a few mature elements (the partying ways of the son, for example), this is definitely for teens and grownups.  It would make a great conversation starter for parents to share with their older kids.  Get it at Christian retailers now or pre-order at

Honorable mentions:

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  1. Definitely Sleeping Beauty. We love a good Disney movie!

  2. Mom's Night Out! It looks hilarious!

  3. Without question, I'd go for Mom's Night daughter and I both want to see it! :)

  4. definitely mom's night out, I think we all need a good laugh and can relate.

  5. I really want to see *Million Dollar Arm*!
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