5 Affordable Home Decor Gifts from Mainstays for the Holidays

I bet you are like me and love to get gifts for the home during the holiday season. Whether it's something for your living room, bedroom, or bath, a little extra touch here and there can warm your home and make you feel better about your surroundings (even if you're sharing a tiny 3-bedroom with 7 other people -- like me!)

Lots of the magazines and commercials out there right now want you to believe that you have to spend quite a bit of money to give a gift that is of high quality and modern looking; that truth is, that with the line of Mainstays products available at Walmart, you can get some very nice gifts for not a lot of cash.

Here are 5 ideas that fit the budget AND the look of today's homes -- just in time for the holidays!

1. Tealight Wall Sconces.  These durable metal decorations look classy, match any color scheme, and add brightness and warmth to your room.  The Family one (below) is my favorite, and costs under $5. It looks really good in my living room!  You can also choose a more classic look with 2 small sconces at just $4.94 for the set!

2. Candles. There are many hot trends in candles right now, and Mainstays has all of them!  My favorites are the Triple-Poured candles with three colors/scents and those candles that use no flame, but rather LED lights.  Candles always make excellent gifts, and many of the Mainstays candles are made right here in the USA.

3. Throw Pillows. Pillows can match any design or mood, and the small ones are cute to adorn a couch or chair. I like that Mainstays has plain white "blank" pillows and several covers to go over them.  It's actually cheaper to pick a blank and a cover than it is to get a new pillow in other brands.  I saved $3 by getting the brown pillow, pictured at top, in separate pieces! For wider selection, however, you can get a traditional covered pillow online; I fell in love with this Chevron look (on Rollback for just $8.97.)

4. Bath Towels. Who doesn't love a fluffy new towel? When we finished building our upcycled apple crate shelves in our bathroom, we filled them with the Mainstays Essential Quick-Drying Bath Towels. They are the perfect compromise between value and comfort!

5. Area Rugs. We are likely stuck with our dull beige carpet for another year or so. In the meantime, a beautiful area rug helps me forget about it.  Instead of spending hundreds on a rug that needs to last, why not mix it up with a Mainstays area rug that costs less than $89? You can afford to change your mind and update your look for often at this price!

Which of these five gifts would YOU most like to see under the tree this year?

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