An Old, Old Gardening Friend is Having a Birthday!

We have just wrapped up all of our weeding, mulching, and pruning, thanks to big help from my husband and the kids.  We couldn't have done it without a very special tool.  It's also a very, very special birthday for a name all of us lawn and garden fanatics know and love: Fiskars! 

Who is Fiskars?  

I'm sure you had a pair of orange handled Fiskars scissors in your home growing up (or maybe your teacher did), but did you know how these super-popular scissors came to be?

According to the story, these shears were developed purely by chance.  In an effort to put to use leftover orange plastic that was originally for making orange juicers, Fiskars put out some orange-handled scissors, and they were picked over the original design.  Fiskars' heritage goes back a whopping 365 years -- that's longer than the United States!

This Finnish company has more to offer than their scissors, of course.  One other product they are really, really good at making is their Platinum Series™ Smooth-action Pruner. If you've ever tamed a wild garden or kept your yard maintained, you understand how important a reliable pair of pruners can be.

These were so handy for my husband this fall when we were preparing our yard for winter.  They were perfect for all the light branches on our apple trees, blueberry bushes, and hedges that were wild and out of place.  It does a solid job on stems and growth up to 5/8" diameter.  My hubby says they cut like butter, and it's probably due to the self-lubricating bearing drive for maintenance-free operation; they never get stuck and always open and close safely when you need them to!

They are made of steel, so they are good for many, many years.  I also appreciate that they have a soft and secure grip surface; since I suffer from a touch of joint pain, it's nice that I don't strain to hold on to them.  I got rid of some stray oak trees that were growing near the side of the house; the pruners made short work of them!

We used this pruner a lot this fall, and it's still as sharp as ever!  With proper care, it should last a long, long time. (But in case anything ever goes wrong, Fiskars offers a lifetime warranty on this item.)

If you're still looking to clean up a few stray branches or weeds in the yard, you can pick these up for this season for just $12.97 at your local Walmart.  Or, save yourself the trouble and order it online for free delivery with your order or $50 or more!

As a participant in the Walmart Moms Program, I've received samples and compensation for my time and efforts in creating this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.  Referral links to shopping sites may have been used.


  1. My mom swears by Fiskar products!

    1. We have owned our pair of orange handled scissors for over 15 years, and they are sharp as ever! I'm excited to see how these pruners hold up :)


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