Celebrate #GivingTuesday with Champions for Kids (Post Your #Unselfie)

Did you know a kid growing up that, well, seemed to not have all that they should have?  I grew up in a home that often struggled to have food for the table. In fact, I remember eating many times from the fridge a meal of saltine crackers and the big blocks of cheese you could pick up at the food pantry.  You probably knew someone like me, or someone like another kid in my class who went without any food at all (and didn't have clothes that fit,either.)

Champions for Kids has put kids like these at the center of their world by being their voice and their hope for a fulfilling future.  In fact, as part of Giving Tuesday (December 2nd), they have a special message the would like you to watch:


For #GivingTuesday, Champions for Kids is asking people everywhere to remember a child they’ve known who lacked essential resources, give a gift in their honor and help us meet the most urgent needs of kids across the United States. 100% of all gifts received will support school nurses to meet the most urgent health care needs of children.

You can also take a pic of yourself holding a sign of a memory of someone you knew growing up who went without.  It can be your very own #Unselfie!

Check out the official Giving Tuesday website for more information on how to help, donate, or participate. Share this post and be sure to use #GivingTuesday!