Cut Waste and Simplify with CleanPath!

If you would open my "cleaning closet", you may be surprised at just how many bottles of cleaners we have. It's not that I have more than I can use; I just have more than I can use today.  We go through quite a bit of cleaner in our busy home with 6 kids.  Between my husband's greasy mechanic ways, the family dog and cat, and the baby throwing food, we have daily messes that are pretty awful to deal with.

I could stick with one bottle of cleaner per type, but we soon run out, and I like to have backups on hand.  Unfortunately, this makes for a crowded closet.  I have also found that my attempts to refill bottles so that we can use them again usually fail; most on the market today are flimsy and not meant to be used more than once.

So, I got pretty excited after talking to Jason, the inventor of the CleanPath products now available at Walmart.  He is a family guy, with a concern for all the trash we throw away each day, and also a pretty smart guy who doesn't want families having to pay for water.  It's expensive to transport, and we have it free in our tap!  His solution?  To not sell anyone water.  Just give them a sturdy reusable dispenser, a high-quality concentrate cleaner that comes in multi-use pods, and a great product that works to clean up daily messes.

You can see just how simple these are to use in my video:

These spray bottles are designed to be used over and over. My husband called them "man bottles."  We have already gone through the foaming hand soap like you wouldn't believe, and -- instead of trying our luck with refilling them with more water and our own soap so that we can use the bottle again -- we just gave the pod a squeeze, added water up to the line, gave it a shake, and put it back on the counter!

The products start at $3.58 for the initial reusable bottle with one pod good for 3 refills.  Each pod after that is just $2.28.  If you do the math, you're paying $1.19 for each of the first three bottles of cleaner, and just $.76 a bottle after that.  I love that practicing good stewardship is finally affordable!

You can find these at your Walmart store now; or save yourself the trip and order them online with free shipping on your purchase of $50 or more. 

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