Hot Toy Alert: Sew Cool Machine Lets Kids Make Homemade Gifts

Walmart released it's list of Top 100 Gifts (which ship free through the holidays), and among them were 20 specific items Chosen by Kids. (You can read more about the Chosen by Kids picks to see what else they loved!)  One of these is the Sew Cool Machine from Spin Master. I have to admit, that as a mom of 5 boys, this didn't seem like something that would be any way appealing to me, but after spending some time with the gadget, I can why boys and girls are asking Santa for this hot toy!

The machine takes 4 AA batteries, and is ready to go from the start. Since it takes no string or thread, you can begin making creations right away.  Included in the box is the machine, several pre-cut projects, stuffing, and some extra fabric, designs, and extras to make your creations very personalized.

The very first project the directions has you do is a simple cupcake "pillow". The design is pre-cut, with a line to follow, including a "start" and "finish" point.

 Right away I noticed that the machine doesn't pull the fabric along, so you have to really guide it. The worst that can happen if you stay in one place to long, however, is that the needle makes a bunch of extra holes; there is no string to tangle or knot up!

Once done, I completed this cute little pillow. It took me mere minutes:

While the machine doesn't "sew" in a traditional sense, the fabric was joined together well, much like felting with a needle works.  There is no easy way for kids to get their fingers under the needle, however, so it's a safer way to felt.  It also helps kids master the motion of using a sewing machine.  If they can learn to guide the Sew Cool, they will be learning sewing basics in a fun way that doesn't require a lot of parental guidance.

Kids can freestyle designs or buy additional kits for more projects when done.  At $34.97, this is a really well though-out product that I can see kids 6+ enjoying very much!

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