Isn't It Cute? Our 2014 Baby Holiday Gift Guide (All under $20!)

With a somewhat heavy heart, we celebrate our very last Christmas with a baby in the house. Manny is 1 this holiday, and our last baby is likely to be very, very spoiled. If you have an entitled little one in your home that you can't wait to lavish presents upon, consider any one of these high-quality, beautiful, and practical items in this year's gift list!
Estella Hand-Knit Baby Rattles ($18-$20)

Rattles aren't just for little babies. These adorable and cuddly-soft rattles come in fun shapes like vintage yellow taxis, or the pretzel (the one we tried.) Squishy and durable, baby can pull, shake, and chew with no stopping. Manny is a big fan of this little toy that makes a peaceful rattling sound and is as fun to play with during the day as it is to sleep with at night.  You can find all three rattle designs online at the Estella website and select specialty shops.

Kinde Foodii Squeeze Snack Filling and Feeding System ($20)

Stop feeling guilty about those one-use squeezie pouches you feed the tots and go reusable with the Kinde Foodii!  We switched to these about a month ago, and it has been a breeze filling the multi-use packages with yogurt, apple sauce, pureed foods, smoothies, and more.

The starter kit comes packed with everything you need, including 10 pouches with lids, 2 squeeze tops, a spoon top, and the filling container.

Save money over buying pre-made packs at $.50 or more, and score this essential for infants, toddler, and older kids on the go at less than the cost of 2-weeks worth of prepared commercial packages! Snag it at Amazon and get it shipped for free!

Little Tikes  Splish Splash Sink Stove ($20)

This is a toy that gets lots of use at the Knerl house!  Designed to be used with or without water, it's a versatile product that kids of all ages can play with together.  Used outside during the summer months, it's now a great indoor toy for playing kitchen anywhere in the home.

It comes with a full supply of utensils and dishes. as well as squirts water out of the faucet with an easy pump-action. You can also go without water completely!  Find it at Amazon or anywhere Little Tikes products are sold.

Parragon Baby Board Books (under $6)

We have been enjoying several titles of board books for babies from Parragon this year, and none were as adorable as The Three Little Pigs, an updated version of the original, and Bunny Loves to Play, a puppet book!

Manny loves the pull out tabs in Three Little Pigs.  It holds up well to his rough "exploration" of books.

 Bunny Loves to Play is perfect for introducing "hide and seek" game play to little ones.  It's an enjoyable read!

Find both Bunny Loves to Play and The Three Little Pigs for sale online for under $6 per title!

Oogaa Baby Feeding Set and Utensils ($6-$20)

Stylish and safe, Oogaa products are made from non-toxic silicone. This colorful and durable set is soft, too!  We have been enjoying watching our little guy master the fine art of spoon and fork without worry that he'll poke an eye out.  No more clanging plates to the floor, either.  These products clean up easily and hold food where it belongs with the grippy material that holds well to the table or high chair.  Find all of the plates, bowls, utensils, and mats in various colors at Amazon.

Mum 2 Mum Bandana Wonderbib ($9)

It's a bib! It's a handkerchief! Whatever it is, it's stylish, soft, and keeps food and drool off of baby's clothes.

Manny looks pretty stylish in his Wonderbib, and it's easy to put on and stay on, too.  We love how plush the material is; he rarely fusses when he wears it.

Snag the bib in a variety of colors for under $9 at the Mum 2 Mum site!

Baby Mantra 3-in-1 Baby Wash ($13)

Sweet-smelling babies couldn't be more precious, and washing them in something that's truly safe and baby-friendly is the goal.  Baby Mantra 3-in-1 wash is amazingly gentle, but it gets all the goop out of baby's hair with ease (like mashed potatoes). I love using this right before bedtime for a calming nighttime experience.  You can grab this soothing wash for babies, toddler, and anyone in the family who relishes an amazing bath experience at Amazon for around $13.

CafePress Miso Cute Baby Tee ($18)

Cheeky tees are all the rage, but we like phrases that are more sugar and spice and everything nice. This foodie-inspired "Miso Cute" features cute graphics and a big boy t-shirt fit! Find it for under $18 at CafePress in 4 colors and sizes up to 24 months.

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