Make Your Own Holiday Gift: No-Knot Fleece Blanket

If you're trying to save money this holiday by making gifts, there is no project that is easier to do than a fleece blanket!  Fleece comes in all patterns and colors to give you more ideas for all the people on your gift list.

This adorable whale design has a nautical theme and pairs nicely with this green and blue "wave" pattern.  I was able to get enough to do a toddler/baby blanket.

To create the blanket, measure out both pieces to be exactly the same size.  Fleece usually comes in sheets 60 inches wide.  Choose a size that will cover the area you want finished, plus add 4 inches on all sides to account for the "fringe" you will cut during construction.

To do this project, you want both pieces of fleece to be on top of one another at all times.  By cutting through both pieces at the same time, you can ensure they match up perfectly when it comes time to tie.

Begin by taking a piece of construction paper or cardboard, 4 inches by 4 inches in size.  Place it on the 2 pieces of fleece at each corner, and cut away the area that the cardboard covers.  You will have four missing corners when you are done.

To make the fringe, mark lines or dots to create cut lines 1 and 1/4 inch apart all along each side of the fleece sheets.  Cut through both sheets along the lines.  Fold up each strip as far as you can, and cut a small slit just under the fold.  Push the strip through the hole, in an "over" motion and pull tight.  This is your new knot.

Continue doing this all along all the edges of the blanket.  You are finished when all the strips are cut and knots are looped.

I love this design for a no-knot blanket.  The loops are less bulky than traditional knotted fleece blankets, which makes it perfect for a baby.


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