Review of Maleficent on DVD and Blu-Ray

Can you believe that my family didn't own a Blu-Ray player until -- *gasp* -- just last week?  So we were super eager to put it to the test by watching the new release of Maleficent, a movie I did NOT expect to love so much!

This is a very twisty take on the original Sleeping Beauty film, starring Angelina Jolie as the evil Maleficent (the one who puts beauty into her deep, deep sleep.)  She is introduced to us as a child in this version, however, allowing us to see her trials and how her character is shaped to become to wicked queen we all grew up knowing.

Yes, you will sympathize with Maleficent, which is why I love this film.  No character is truly one-dimensional.  In fact, we can all agree that, except in truly sanitized fairy tales, the "good" characters are simply more good than bad, and the "bad" -- vice, versa.

So, how does this tale of true love end? Not in the way you'd expect.  With a cast that commands attention throughout, and a load of special effects that take viewers on an amazing journey never shown in film before, your family will love, love, love this movie.

Note: There are some intense parts that may be a little much for the tiniest of viewers.  Fight scenes are a bit graphic, and the part where Maleficent's wings are cut off (the cutting isn't shown, but the aftermath is quite gruesome) will sadden and shock everyone.  Be warned that this is really a very edgy film for PG.

The movie, which is available now to own on Blu-Ray, DVD, and digital VOD is a new classic that all families should own.

*Screener received to review. Opinons are my own.

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