Scared to Trust Your Child with a Data Plan? Virgin Mobile Has you Covered!

I was completely unfamiliar with Virgin Mobile as a service provider for smart phones prior to trying out the Virgin Mobile Custom service and LG Pulse phone this past 2 weeks.  I had already given my daughter a smart phone, and she was doing very well with it.  As I've watched my sons grow up, however, I get very nervous thinking about trusting them with things like remembering to switch over to wi-fi from data, using the phone only during appropriate times, and not racking up ridiculous data plan bills.

Virgin Mobile Custom has it pretty much all figured out.  The phones under the service are all top-notch smart phones, like the LG Pulse, and they do what kids want them to do with no hassle or fuss.  When it comes to keeping an eye on your child's use, however, they have what parents want.  A simple app can keep usage under control, and it even allows you to set how and when kids can access data and apps throughout the day.

Here is the full review, via my video:

Some highlights include:

The ability to change whether a child can purchase, share minutes or change the plan type from their phone without your permission...

Curfews and restrictions based on days of the week, time, app type, and even who they can call in the event of an emergency....

Special plan offers, like unlimited Facebook data for $5 a month that doesn't count toward your data plan....

Real-time access to your account balance, and the ability to change your plan on the spot. If you don't want to text much, or decide you will make more calls this week, you can adjust the plan to reflect your needs.

 Management of all the family's lines from one simple app; you don't have to have use Virgin Mobile to access the management dashboard!

I think the Custom plan has a lot going for it, especially if you are budget-minded and trying to keep kids happy with the ever-changing tech out there.  I think it's the perfect solution for kids who are new to phones, need to be reigned in a bit, or who are trying to understand how their phone habits affect the family budget.  As the family's needs change, the Virgin Mobile Custom app and plans can change right along with them.

You can get the LG Pulse for $99, with plans starting at $6.98 per line/ per month exclusively at your local Walmart and online at (Order now for the holidays and put that sleek new mobile in their stockings this year!) 

As a participant in the Walmart Moms Program, I've received samples and compensation for my time and efforts in creating this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.