3 of the Top Dora & Friends Toys for Under Your Tree

Dora has really grown up, and I like her new look! She's still teaching little girls to learn, explore, and appreciate a second language.  But now, she's into fashion and friends, too!

We took a look at three of the top toys in the new Dora & Friends line (available at Walmart), and -- even though we have all little boys in my house -- it was obvious that these would provide hours of fun, especially if played with in the company of friends!

The Dora & Friends Talking Dora with Smartphone is a tech-inspired toy that pairs a sweet talking Dora doll with a light-up smartphone that rings, plays music, and communicates with the Dora doll.

The Dora & Friends Cafe is a small and portable play set that offers a shopping, socializing, and singing experience for tiny Dora figurines -- complete with props like a cash register, guitar, and food!

The Dora & Friends Magic Bracelet is a great gift for kids to share with friends! It includes a few customizeable soft rubber bracelets and many charms to collect, swap, and share.

Here's a video showing the highlights of these three products!

Is Dora going to end up under your tree this year?  If so, you can find all the Dora toys at Walmart and Walmart.com.  Get it shipped in time for Christmas!

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