A Holiday Gift Guide: 10 Products for The Hard-to-Shop-For Person

Are you at your wit's end trying to find the perfect gift for a difficult-to-shop-for person?  We have rounded up some of the most unique and witty gifts you can find anywhere, and present them for you here!  Some are great for everyone on your list; others are very much for just the right person.  Snag them now and get them in time for Christmas!

For the Jedi: Phineas and Ferb: Star Wars DVD ($14.99)

Two shows couldn't be better suited than our family's favorite cheeky cartoon and the space movie franchise to beat all space movie franchises!  When plans for the Death Star accidentally fall into the hands of Phineas and Ferb, they must stop the evil Darthenshmirtz and restore balance to the universe. Catch all the songs, mayhem, and one-liners you have come to expect from other Phineas and Ferb movies, along with 5 additional episodes.  My family loved this and watched it over and over!

For the Athlete: Copper Fit Knee Sleeve ($11)

This compression garment is perfect for the active person who needs a little help for tender knees.  It is infused with copper to help stabilize muscles and joints and speed recovery time after injuries or overuse.  It sleek and can be worn under workout clothing, too!

For the Music Lover: Flips Audio Headphone ($120)

We love these quality headphones that provide deep sound for the solo listener, and "flip" outward to provide a small speaker for an entire crowd.  They are snug but comfy and come in several colors. We love the black with green accents!

For the Movie Fan: Hobbit Ocarina ($59.99)

With the recent release of the last Hobbit movie, inspired items make a popular gift. The 12-hole ocarina is a fun and different instrument for music and movie lovers to enjoy learning to play.  It comes with a song book with tunes from the film, and it makes a beautiful collector's item.

For the TV Fan: Mohu Curve 50 Amplified Indoor Antennae ($79.99)

We cut the cord on cable, but we still like to watch our favorite shows.  Since 94 of the top 100 shows on TV can be watched -- for free -- with a MOHU antennae, you can save big money over the cost of cable!  This little device helps my family watch our favorite shows. Why not yours?  (Order before Sunday, December 21st and get $10 off your order when you choose 2day shipping.)

For the Busy Mom: Finders KeyPurse ($11)

If digging through the bottom of your purse by your car, in the cold, while the kids cry is not your idea of a perfect end to a long day of shopping, than this gift is for you!  The stylish key ring has  convenient hook that hangs on the side of your purse to keep it up off the dirty bottom of your purse and within easy reach.  No more digging; you'll always know where your keys are!

For the Gamer:  Chocolate Guess Who? Game ($22)

Just like the original game, this has players asking questions to narrow down their opponents suspect.  Unlike the original, however, all the cards are actually pieces of fine European chocolate!  Play again and again, then reward the winner with the giant piece of chocolate as a prize.  (These chocolate games are also available in Monopoly, Scrabble, and Candy Land.)

For the Business Executive: Levenger Executive Leather Folio ($109)

Fine leather isn't offered by everyone, and Levenger is a brand that's been doing things in the best way possible for years. Their folio is sleek, polished, and perfect for the guy or gal who has it all together (or at least wants to look that way).  It comes in a gift box and makes an impression immediately upon being opened!  (It comes with a lined spiral notebook, sleeves for important papers, and a see-through business card window.)

For the Nostalgic Gen X-er: Pee-wee's PlayHouse Complete Series Boxed Set on Blu-Ray ($99)

What can you say about this iconic TV show that led to millions of 30-something's bursting out in the occasional "I know you are, but what am I" retort?  Pee-wee Herman was a TV character we fondly remember, and now we can watch all the episodes we grew up with and even share them with our own kids!  Relive the moments of Conky, Cowboy Curtis, and Miss Yvonne (plus dozens of other friends), with fresh songs, jokes, and games.

For the blogger: iBlog Magazine

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*samples of some items have been received to review. Opinions are my own. Links to shopping sites may be referrral links.