Charmin Helps you Prepare ALL Your Rooms for the Holidays

I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Charmin. I received product samples and a promotional item to thank me for my participation.

I know that with all the talk of the holidays, you are probably thinking of cookies, presents, and getting your house ready for company.  How often during all of this activity, however, are you thinking about your toilet paper?

Since we live in a rural, older home, it's actually something we've had to think about.  We have a septic system, a lot of people living in our house, and very little room for error when it comes to our plumbing. We have to be certain that our tissue is safe for our system, and keeps our plumbing clog-free with even one extra person in the home.  Thankfully, Charmin fits the bill and actually comes with a Roto-Rooter stamp of approval to be used by plumbers more than any other brand!  This is important, because the holidays would be the WORST time to have a plumbing issue creep up (in our small town, it's virtually impossible to get plumbing service during the weekends and holidays.)

In addition to keeping a full supply of Charmin on hand in our bathroom (and within easy reach of guests -- because what's more embarrassing than having to ask for toilet paper?) -- we also do a few other special things to ensure a cozy bathroom experience for all.

The video explains it best:

Essentially, we:

1) Keep toilet paper stocked on a paper towel roll. (It stores more!)

2) Have lots of fluffy and colorful towels within reach.

3) Keep the bathroom fresh with a holiday candle.

I remember visiting my Grandma's house during the holidays growing up. She always had cute decorations in every room, and this included the bathroom!  Her hand-made toilet paper covers were cute and festive!  While I don't go all out like she did, having a welcoming bathroom is just one way I prepare for the holidays.

Do you include your bathroom in your holiday preparation checklist? Besides fresh towels and candles, in what ways can you say "welcome" to family and friends and make them feel at home?