Easy Spray-Painted Hubcab Wreath & More Ways to Decorate Your Classic Pickup Truck for the Holidays

Car lovers are crazy about making their holiday decorations incorporate their passion. Lucky for us, we have an old '57 Ford in the yard that will someday be a restoration project for my daughter. In the meantime, we are having fun sprucing it up for the holidays!

We did something clever for the fall that you can see here.

The winter decor was even more elaborate!

My husband used Christmas bulbs to line the truck bed and sides.  He even rounded the side tire with lights! To get the lights to stay on the truck without harming the patina, he used duct tape to tape down the light strands to magnet squares, then placed the magnet squares flat against the body.

For an added touch, he put a pre-lit tree in the back,

and this easy wreath....

He simply used white spray paint to cover one side of a wreath.  Then, he mounted it over a chrome dog dish hubcap, which he hung on a wooden pallet in the back of the truck.

Nothing says "Happy Holidays" like a classic!


  1. Your husband needs his own blog: The Country Man's Guide to Home and Holiday Decor :) Cute ideas!

  2. Thanks, Renee! He has great ideas, but doesn't like to write. Between the two of us, we should really do more projects. LOL


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