For the Blogger, the Student, and the Film Critic: Nextbook 10.1" 2-in-1

 We have so many gadgets in our house, but so many of them are highly specialized.  In fact, we often use a different device for watching movies, doing homework, blogging, and using Facebook.

When I was given a Nextbook 10.1" Intel Quad Core 2-In-1 Detachable Windows 8.1 Tablet, I was pretty sure that it would do a lot of the things I need handled in a day. I was not prepared for it to be able to handle all of them!

First, the design.  It's a tablet, meaning it is sleek and portable, and very responsive to touch.  It is also loaded with Windows 8, so it behaves like a PC.  You can use it the way you would use an all-in-one machine, or even a laptop or desktop -- except it is much more lighter than a typical laptop.  It comes with a keyboard that actually attaches and detaches very simply; unlike a traditional tablet case that is more of an accessory that connects with bluetooth, this is made specifically for this machine, and there is no syncing necessary.  Just pop the tablet into the slot and you're ready to go!

It works very well for a "tablet" keyboard.  I think it acts more like a little netbook in that most people can type on it comfortably, and it is great for squeezing behind someone's seat in an airplane.  The actual coating of the table and keyboard are made of a strange matte finished materials, however, so it's hard to keep looking clean. If you have any dirt or grease on your hands, it will show up for a long time after (so keep those kids' hands washed before using!)

The functionality of this machine is just like the all-in-one I have that is equipped with Windows. Processing is very quick for a tablet (due to the Quad Core) and the Windows 8 OS makes it just as easy to use with the keyboard as just with the touchscreen.  You'll want to be sure that you have everything set up correctly with a Windows account before you start using it, however; I hadn't used my account in a long time, and it is difficult to sign on, download apps, and use programs if you aren't logged in through your Windows account.

I liked that this device came loaded with much of the basics, plus gave access to Windows Office products and loads of free apps (like Kindle).

So far, we've had this a week and have:

  • Let the kids use it for their online homeschool courses
  • Watched a movie in the bedroom with it
  • Loaded a recipe to cook in the kitchen
  • Blogged a few posts with it
  • Done all my social media on it (including seeing Pinterest pins on the bright, beautiful screen!)
The only thing that I would be careful of with this machine is the charging.  It holds a charge for a very long time (I used it a few hours a day for 3 days, and never charged it between sessions.  It was still going strong.) The charging connection is a very small "pin" like connector, and it would be easy to damage it if it wasn't in a secure area. Make sure that you have it up and out of the way of family while charging, and also that you don't carry it around with the charging cord plugged in.  If you take these couple of steps, you'll probably be able to use this Nextbook for a long, long time!  (If you're worried you can also buy an extra Care Plan from Walmart that will extend service and repair coverage for an additional 2 years.)

Priced at under $200 (it's online right now for $179), I think it's a very good deal.  It really does replace many of the "part-time" gadgets we own.  Someone is our house is using this all the time!

 As a participant in the Walmart Moms Program, I've received samples and compensation for my time and efforts in creating this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.  Links to shopping sites may be referral links.