New Growing Options for Cold Nebraska Climates - Aerogarden 3SL

UPDATE: Since I first wrote this post, my Aerogarden had stopped "bubbling." Upon checking the documentation, it appears that it's pretty easy for the machine to become clogged with debris and plant material.  To remedy this issue (and keep the pump from burning out), you'll want to open the lid to the water tank, and look for the round cover for the air pump. Screw the cover with the three holes off, and you'll find a little plastic part with one hold underneath.  Take a toothpick and push into the hole until you see air start coming out again.  You may have to do this once or twice every month or so -- especially if you have hard water.  If the cover with the 3 holes becomes plugged, you might want to soak it in a solution of vinegar and water overnight, and rinse thoroughly before replacing. Do NOT let it go too long without a cleaning... letting it run clogged will cause your Aerogarden to have a short lifespan.  Put a "cleaning" on your calendar, or do it every time you put in nutrients.

We have owned an AeroGarden for 2 years. I love our 3-pod unit, but it admittedly takes up quite a bit of space on our table. When Walmart gave us the chance to try the Miracle-Gro® AeroGarden® 3SL, we couldn't say no. The newest model is the slimmest so far, and we had the perfect place for it (in a tiny, uncluttered spot on our piano.) Since it is super cold here in Nebraska, and having fresh produce year-round is a dream of mine, I definitely was excited to start this newest experiment.

We set it up in minutes. It is super simple to get started.  As you can see, it comes with all you need to plant one of two gardens: herbs or salad greens.  We opted for the herbs, since we already have an Aerogarden in the home growing lettuce (and I really wanted some fresh basil on hand.)

The dirt-free setup has you add water and nutrients to the base of the garden, then you stick in the 3 seed pods, place a little dome on the top, turn on the light and wait!  We were seeing sprouts in our Aerogarden within 3 days!

We'll be reporting back to show you how our Genovese Basil, Dill, and Parsley are doing.  In the meantime, you can get this pretty slick-looking garden at Walmart for $49.97 or order it online for convenient shipping to your home or store. At a height of only 16.5" and two colors to choose from, it's the thing to get a fresh-food lover without much of a green thumb. (Believe me. My husband calls me "the plant killer". I can't wait to prove him wrong!)

SEE OUR UPDATE: We share how our seeds did 19 days later here.

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