Razor A Kick Scooter is the Original Affordable Ride-On Toy!

The past few years, we have always looked for ride-ons that meet our budget.  With 5 boys and a community that was accepting toys for both genders of kids in need, we found the Razor Scooter to fit the bill.  It always seemed to go on sale at our local Walmart during the holidays, and it was something all kids could enjoy!

This year, not much has changed.  This favorite ride-on, the Razor A Kick Scooter is once again on our gift list for the boys who haven't gotten one yet.  It works pretty well on our rough driveway and holds kids ages 5 and up until they get rather big (143+ pounds).  Here are my kids enjoying an unusually warm December day with theirs:

These toys are very easy to put together (just one snap in place) and are durable, too. The rear brake is easy to use, and an adjustable handlebar means that my shorter kids can use the taller kids' scooters when they feel like sharing.  This scooter takes up little room in a trunk or backseat -- plus it weighs 6 lbs, so the kids can carry their own!  Choose from several colors to fit your child's personality.

Since ride-ons tend to be requested a lot by kids during the holidays (or, at least this is what Santa has told me), it's awesome to have a quality option for families that costs just $27.72 at Walmart! There is also a large selection of other ride-ons both instore and online -- for every price range.

Even if you choose a high-priced product, there are many ways to save more in big ride-ons. Check out Walmart's layaway program details to see how you can get the toys you want now -- before they sell out -- and pick them up before the holidays.  You can also use the Savings Catcher app to get the lowest price on toys you buy, or use the Ad Match Guarantee to match any advertised competitor's price on the hottest toys!

What was your favorite ride-on as a child?

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