Send a Free Video Message to Your Little One -- From Santa!

This joyful holiday post was written in partnership with Portable North Pole. We love Santa, and opinions about him and the service are always our own!

We just got back from seeing Santa at our local big box retailer, and my 4-year-old has been excited about him coming to our house ever since. Not all kids really get into the idea of Santa, but -- when they do -- it's such a fun experience that I don't want it to end!

In addition to feeling like Santa is a friend to your children, he can be a big motivator for good behaviour before the New Year.  My little guy is actually using his "big boy" Santa experience as an inspiration for doing better with his potty training (his idea, not mine.) I cannot complain!

To make the experience of Saint Nick a truly personalized experience, the Portable North Pole (PNP) has developed Santa video messages for the 7th year in a row!  You would expect these to be super-expensive (I remember how much a phone call from Santa cost when I was a kid).  But, they are actually available to everyone for free!

Here is a quick video showing you the magic (and the method) of these neat videos:

If you don't happen to be near a TV that plays streaming video, you can always check out the videos on your Apple or Android device!

There are quite a few features to this service, including a virtual "naughty or nice" indicator (which is powered by elves, of course) and some clever outtakes of elvish mischief, too.  Many of the features are available at no cost to families.

Like all good things, however, there are more features for those who purchase them.  And, since I love anything to do with kid-friendly charities, I'm thrilled to hear that the people at PNP are donating 5% of all web sales to kids hospitals in the purchaser's region. (Last year they donated $75,000 to charity. I hope they raise even MORE this year!)

Remember, most of the fun things to do with your kids are free, so be sure to check out the PNP site well before Christmas, so your child can create some memories with you that they can treasure forever!

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