What's New? Febreze UnStopables Brings Complete Freshness to Your Home

Does your home struggle to smell clean -- even when it is clean?  With a house full of people 24/7, I often get the feeling that it could be a bit fresher. In fact, a trip away from home usually has me walking into the doorway and thinking that my home smells stale.

Since I'm a huge fan of scented laundry products, and the Downy Unstopables was something that pretty much changed the landscape of yummy-smelling clothes, I was happy to be let in on a little secret:  Febreze is introducing a new product in January 2015!  It is called Febreze Unstopables, and it is a dual scented oil warmer that gives you 2 very different but complimentary scents to fill your home with a more inviting option than, well.... stale.

The warmers work pretty much as you would expect. Just pop in the refill and plug it in. It's a bit heavy and fairly bulky, so you'll want to stick it in a place that you can leave it plugged in at all times, and you may want to check the spacing of your outlets to be sure you aren't covering up the second plug on your outlet.  I like to keep mine in the bathroom or the kitchen, since those are the places I have the most odor issues.

Once these are on, they work immediately.  I actually turned the intensity of the warmer down to the lowest setting, and it was very strong right away.  It soon filled my entire 1300 square foot home with a very pleasing scent. Needless to say, the next time I came home, it was a more inviting experience.

There were 2 varieties that I tried: fresh and flirty, which was more like crisp laundry, and lush and luxurious, which was a more exotic smell.  Both were a nice addition to the atmosphere, and I can't wait to see what other combinations become available.

The Febreze Unstopables will be available soon at your local Walmart store. The starter kits will be priced at $6.94. Learn more at the Walmart website starting December 28th!

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