Need Sleep? Energy? Peace? Natural Solutions are Now Available

If you know me, you are aware that I almost never go to the doctor. It's not that I don't think they can't help, but I really do like to try preventing most health problems before they start, so my need to be treated for illnesses is low.

One thing that my family has really adopted well over the years is natural supplements for our everyday aggravations like sleeplessness and a lack of energy.  A new-to-us brand that has made given us positive results is the BioTerra Herbs line of supplements.  Let me tell you a bit about them.

1. These products are non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan, natural and eco-friendly. So you don't have to worry about what's in the casing or if they'll conflict with your dietary needs.

2.  They are based on some pretty sound herbal recipes. I'm no stranger to herbs, and each product uses ingredients that makes sense for the desired outcome.

3. There are void of "fillers" that other supplements can try to sneak in.  So you are paying for what you need, not cheap fluff that doesn't do anything.

Do they work?  It takes a couple of weeks to really see results from most herbal supplements, and results will vary by person and tolerances.  I can say that we have tried the Sleep product with good results in our house.  I wasn't surprised, however, because the ingredients in them has been known to be helpful to us.  It was nice having all of the components together in one convenient pill.  It doesn't work like a sleep medicine, so don't expect instant miracles.  It will help you calm down and have a deeper sleep, in most cases.  We also like that it doesn't leave you with a groggy feeling; you may actually feel very refreshed when you wake up!

Now, you'll want to read the labels carefully, as with any product, and also talk to your Doctor if you have any questions or concerns.  Most herbal supplements are not designed to be taken by pregnant or nursing women, as well as with kids under age 18.

The packaging also recommends that you only take it for a week and take a couple of days off to allow your body to be receptive to the herbs again. You can actually become too tolerant of it and not have it work as well if you take it continually over a long period of time.

There are many products in the BioTerra Herbs line, and all of them are available at Walmart.  They include:

· Sleep (z-z-z)
· Snoring (shush)
· Energy (boing)
· Stress (gahh)
· Detox (ahhh)
· Digestion (belch)
· Immunity (zap)
· Vision (zoom)
· Mental Focus (huh?)

I only wish they had sent us the Immunity to try. We have been dealing with colds and flus at our house. It would have come in handy!

These products come in a 30-day supply (60 capsules) per bottle. Get them for between $11.24 and $14.99 each. You can also order at to see the full selection.

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