New Flavor Options Turn Kids' Medicine from Yuck to Yay!

My kids rarely get sick, but when they get sick enough to go to the doctor, it's a pretty big deal.  My 8-year-old Moses just got over a bad sinus infection that had him laying on the couch in pain and with a fever for almost a week. When we did get him seen, the doctor quickly prescribed liquid antibiotics, perhaps the worst tasting medicine you can take.  Since our son wasn't big enough for pills, he had to take 11 ml of medicine, 2 times a day. That's a lot of medicine!

Fortunately, the yucky medicine doesn't have to be all that bad.  With Walmart's new FlavoRx option for prescriptions, kids can pick their favorite flavor from a menu and add some "yum" to their next dose.  The cost for this service is just $1.88, and it can be the difference between fighting a kid to take their medicine and not.

While Moses is a champ when it comes to choking everything down, younger babies aren't. I can't tell you the number of times my very little ones have ended up spitting out more out than they ingested.  And with medicine, it's risky to have them not take a full dose.

To see what flavors are best suited for your next prescription, be sure to visit the FlavoRx website.  They have a special flavor tool that tells you that bubble gum works well for antibiotics but that mango might not.

And remember that older kids and adults like yummy flavors, too!  The next time you have a med filled at Walmart, just ask for the flavor menu to fill out and hand to the pharmacist (like below.)

Parents can rest easy knowing that these flavors are dye-free, sugar-free, gluten-free as well as casein-free. While not every single medicine can be flavored, most can (including OTC solutions)!

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