Puppies Needs Sparkly Smiles, Too!

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Going to the dentist is not something most of us like to do, so we try very hard to make sure our dental visits go smoothly by taking care of our teeth at home.  But have you considered lately what you could be doing for your dog's teeth to keep their pearly whites bright?

If you thought that proper dental care for your pup had to be complicated, I can assure you that there are tools available to support your dental care regimen and make "brushing" an enjoyable experience for your pet.  Good tooth care can actually keep those vet bills down by reducing the chances of tooth decay and supporting their overall health.  And since we love our puppy SO much (little Gilbert, above), we really want him to be in good health for a long time.

Image 1

I'm so excited to learn that Milk-Bone Brushing Chews are available at Walmart, and they are as effective as brushing! They are tasty -- like a treat, and so easy to give out.  Imagine rewarding your pet while tackling their teeth at the same time. (They won't even know that you are doing something healthy for them.)  These treats are an affordable way to tackle dental issues -- often before they start.

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