Big List of Free eBooks for 11th Grade Christian Classical Homeschoolers (Veritas Press)

We've been using the Veritas Press courses online for a few years for my kids as an easy way to get a good foundation for our Christian Classical Curriculum. Anyone who loves the Charlotte Mason method from a Christian perspective may enjoy at least reading the books required by Veritas Press, whether or not you actually take their courses.

As books are expensive, and many grades require dozens of titles, we've found that reading them on our Kindle Fire can cut costs dramatically.  Classics are usually available for free when using the Kindle device or free reading app.  You can find even more titles for free if you belong to the Kindle Unlimited program (under $10 a month to checkout as many books as you want from the library.) We do try to buy books when we can to support the homeschool curriculum publishers, but with 6 kids, every frugal tip helps!

We found the following books for the 11th grade program, all free to anyone with a Kindle device or app. Those for free with an Unlimited subscription (or with added benefits for Unlimited members) are noted. These are subject to change at any time.
Note that not all children will enjoy or do well with ebooks. I have 2 children who love it, but 2 prefer and do better with hard copy books.  The good thing about trying these, is that you'll lose nothing beyond the cost of a device (if you don't already have one), and the Kindle Fire is a multi-purpose device that we use in our school for games, studying, surfing the web, and more.

Check back next week for the next part of this series: Big List of Free eBooks for 10th graders! (See grades you missed here). We'll do one a week until we have them all listed.  To be reminded of when they post, sign up for our home education newsletter below!

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  *Affiliate links to books have been used. Opinions are my own.