Chinese New Year Craft Activity: Paper Plate Dragons

I had BIG plans for a complete meal inspired by Chinese New Year this year. After all, we had such a good time making our Chinese Tea Eggs last year, I thought I should do something even more spectacular. But time got away from me with so many things going on around here. We settled on a simple paper plate dragon craft, and it turned out so cute -- I'm glad we ended up doing this instead!

For this cute craft you'll need the following supplies:

  • red paper plates 
  • printed dragon designs (I found mine online and printed them out)
  • markers for coloring
  • glitter pens or glue and colored glitter
  • hole puncher
  • party streamers
  • stapler
  • paint stir stick (optional)

Print out your dragon design and color as you wish.  

Cut it out and glue it onto the front of the paper plate.  Take your glitter glue pen and outline the dragon's features. (If you use regular glitter, it will be more difficult but you can use the end of a cotton swab with the cotton removed to "draw" on the glue before sprinkling with glitter.)

You may also want to put a little glitter on the outside edge of the plate.

When the glue is dry, take the hole puncher and put holes on the outside edge of the plate every 3 inches or so -- all the way around.

Take a 6-12 inch section of streamer and fold the end over long-wise 4 times to make a very skinny piece that can be pulled gently through the hole in the plate. 

Fold the streamer over on itself and staple in place.  Do this with all the holes in the plate.

Your dragon is done!  To make it more of a puppet, you can glue a paint stir stick (found in the paint department at Walmart) to the back.

What will your family do for Chinese New Year? 

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