Happy Winter: From Nebraska!

Just when I thought winter was over....

We saw 8 inches of snow last week!  While it's beautiful, and I wouldn't trade the four seasons for anything in the world, it can be hard on the kids being cooped up all the time.  But we sure do enjoy looking outside at the wonder that God has created!

Here is our road... drifting over again and again and again....

 The old Ford pickup... looking pretty chilled.

 The trees really do glisten in this weather!

What is your favorite season? Would it be winter?  I really do love it!


  1. Beautiful pictures, especially the ones with the snowy trees, but I'm glad that's at YOUR house and not mine! We have had no snow accumulation this winter, which is no surprise in Georgia. Spring and fall are the seasons that I love because those are the times my family can get outside and play games, have picnics, etc.

  2. Renee,

    I'm a wimp and won't go out in it, but we did have some BEAUTIFUL 45 degree days with sun shining and no wind. It was perfect to go out and enjoy both the snow and the warmth. As much as I hate the cold, I really appreciate my winter wonderland weeks.


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