Stream the Best Oscar Picks with VUDU!

I am a streaming content junkie. I admit to binge-watching more than I should. And I can't possibly wait for movies to come out on DVD before I buy them.

Thank goodness for VUDU, a service of Walmart, that I can use to stream top movies and TV shows from my computer, mobile device, or (preferably) my Roku 3!  I've been a member of VUDU ever since most new movies started offering a digital copy of the film with every DVD or Blu-ray purchased.  It has helped me to keep a safe, clean backup of all of my family's films, even when the baby tries to use the discs as playthings.

Right on schedule, VUDU is exanding their offerings with some of the latest Oscar-worthy titles, including picks in all genres -- even some for the kids!

You can go to now to see what they have available to purchase or rent, and -- while some anticipated titles aren't ready just yet -- you can pre-order those you know you'll eventually want to see.

What's on my list?

We've already fallen in love with a few of the Oscar-nominated family films, including The Lego Movie, How to Train Your Dragon 2, and our newest favorite Big Hero Six!  I also really want to see the Imitation Game when it comes out -- (I can pre-order now to get all the Cumberbatch awesomeness when it's released in March!)

You can rent or own many of the nominees for a little as $.99, and even after the Oscars are over, they continually run promotions for money-saving offers.  (Many of the products I've purchased from Walmart have come with promo codes for discounts or credits -- like the Marketside Pizza last year!)

Who do you think will take home an Oscar?  No matter who wins, you can save money and enjoy a night with the stars by streaming your favorite films from VUDU.

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