The Easy Peasy Way to Do Laundry -- Lots of Laundry!

I don't know if you can even imagine the amount of laundry I do each week.

Take the number of loads for a family of four.

Now, double it.

Take it times 1.5 to account for 6 of our family members being BOYS.

Now add 1 load a day for spills, accidents, or other various "oopsies" that happen. (Think juice or diaper issues.)

Toss in a 20% "living on a farm" surcharge and you'll get your final laundry basket count.  It's a lot, isn't it?

In an effort to keep enough detergent on hand, keep our very well-worn clothes looking awesome, and give our laundry a fresher outcome, I have switched from just using Tide liquid detergent (which I love and have been using solely for 3 years) to the newest Tide Pods!

Why would I do this?  It's simple: my  older kids are all doing laundry now, and this is the easiest way for my tween and teenager to pop in a load and do everything right the first time.  Stain remover, detergent, and brightener are all included in one dissolve-able capsule.  It works great with our front-loading HE washer, which sometimes has a hard time releasing detergent from the detergent drawer.  They just put a pod in at the same time they put in the clothes (into the drum), and they're off!  No separate routine for whites or extra gross clothes.  Clothes have all come out looking their best and with no hand-wringing from me that they skipped a step.

And the latest kind we tried was actually a "4-in-1" -- which included Febreze freshener!  Talk about covering all the bases!

You can find all of the Tide Pod varieties at or in-store in the laundry aisle.  I opt for the BIG containers containing 72 loads (just $17.97) now that I'm buying them in place of my liquid detergent.  They actually take up less space in my cabinet, and don't drip all over the place (like the liquid my kids are sometimes careless with).

Would you consider making your laundry routine easy, peasy, too?
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