5 Easy Easter Dinner Tips for Big Families

Thanks to HoneyBaked Ham for sponsoring this post. Opinions are my own.

My family isn't small, so when we have our everyday dinner, it's no small affair.  Imagine, then, how much work goes into preparing a special dinner -- for a holiday, perhaps?  We usually have extra guests (like my father-in-law), and it's expected that everything be delicious and on the table at the same time.

So what can an already over-worked and exhausted mom do that will allow for easy prep ahead of the big meal and allows her to actually enjoy the celebration?  (Who wants to spend the whole day in the kitchen, anyway?)

We have some ideas:

1. Go disposable.  It's OK to cheat a little and use plastic or paper plates for your big occasion.  There are so many "nice" looking options out there that are both sturdy and elegant.  Skip the stress of washing dozens of plates, and spend that extra time chatting with your family and making holiday memories!

2. Assign roles.  For any child over 6, there is a task that can be done.  One child can make the salad.  Another can set the table.  Younger children can make crafts or place-mats that adds some festive color to your table.  No one eats without helping!

3. Invest in a tablecloth.  Every Easter needs a nice table setting, and a cloth tablecloth can transform the everyday dinner table (the same one we do homeschool and crafts at) into a respectable environment for the best dishes.  If you're on a budget, look for plain colors that can be used year-round: pastels are great for Easter and all spring and summer holidays!

4. Buy easy-to-prepare dishes.  What if you could set the oven to one temperature, put in all your sides, and walk away?  That's how easy it was for our family when we bought all of our sides and dessert from HoneyBaked Ham.  With a deliciously creamy scalloped potato side and a decadent Caramel Apple with Walnuts pie, there was little to do to prepare dinner!  (And when the food is done, you can just take it from the plastic baking containers to your good serving bowls.)

5. Make your main dish the main event.  One way to get compliments and feel good about your dinner is to invest in the highest quality main dish.  Our half of ham from HoneyBaked Ham was huge (feeding 12 people easily).  We didn't have to warm it up, either.  Serving it at room temperature after a brief break from the fridge kept it moist and smoky-flavored.  I had so much left over, we made meals for the week!

It's easy to overthink and not enjoy the Easter dinner experience.  With a few simple tips for thinking ahead and buying the best, you'll look good for your guests, and they'll have nothing but compliments for the chef!