5 Expert tips for Easy Beer Battered Fish, Chicken and Shrimp

Lent is the perfect time to perfect your fish fry!  We don't often fry foods here, but when we do, I like to go all out, making fish, chicken AND shrimp with the same batter.

My favorite has been to use a commercial package of beer batter mix, and use just half the recommended beer in the recipe, replacing the other half with water.  Here are some tips for making it delicious.

Frying fish or chicken this Lent? Get tips for the perfect batter.

1. Leave your raw shrimp slightly frozen, removing the tails and patting slightly dry with a paper towel before dipping in in the batter.  They are done when they float and the batter is a nice brown color.

2. Chicken should be fried in very thin strips, so that they cook all the way through before the batter gets too dark.

3. Fish can sometimes fall apart when putting the batter on. If you are doing a fillet, you may want to slice it down the middle where it tends to separate before you batter it.

Frying fish or chicken this Lent? Get tips for the perfect batter.

4. For extra flavor, add some garlic salt, paprika, or red chili powder to your batter.  This seasons it nicely without the need to season after frying.

5. If you have some in the house who aren't fish lovers, be sure to fry their chicken first.  I can't tell when fish has been cooked in oil, but some people can.  It's the considerate thing to do!

What are your favorite things to fry during Lent?

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