#ChickWatch: Day 14 - Videos of our Egg Candling

Up until now, there hasn't been much exciting out our eggs.  We turn them every day (3x) and we pray.  Last night, however, we candled with the new candler we bought.  It was such an exciting event!

Here is a photo (taken in the dark... it's a little blurry) of a viable egg..

And a non-viable egg....

And here's an amazing video!  Watch the movement of the baby chick.

We can see the eye, the heart, and lots of activity.  The kids were amazed (and I was, too.)  75 of our 80 eggs appear to be viable.  By April 4th, we should have so many hatching!

Stay tuned for more updates!


  1. That is very interesting! I'm a suburb girl so I've never seen that before. My kids would be amazed by that moving chick in that tiny egg :)

    1. I'm a country girl, and it AMAZES me every time. One day, there's nothing much looking at inside... the next, it's a moving little creature! So cool :)


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