Easy Easter Chick Nest Treats with Snack Pack Pudding!

Have you been overwhelmed with all the beautiful Pinterest tutorials featuring fancy Easter crafts and treats? Me too.  And while I love looking at all the ideas for creating a festive home this season, I'm tight on time -- and money.

That's why I excitedly volunteered to put together a quick craft using Easter-themed candies at my local Walmart, along with an assortment of Snack Pack pudding cups!

For this snack, you'll need:
  • Snack Pack pudding -- any flavor
  • Peeps chicks
  • Cadbury mini eggs
  • Edible Easter grass

Here's a quick video showing the process.  It's unbelievable easy -- kids of any age can do it!

What fun ideas do you have for using pudding cups in your Easter treats?  You can get additional inspiration for unique sweets that take minutes to whip up at the Snack Pack website and SnackPackMixins.com.  (And be on the look out for NEW packaging with easy-to-open lids!)

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