It's Garden Time! Reusing K-Cups Coffee Pods to Start Seeds

You all should know that I drink a lot of coffee.  It's probably the Danish in me (my Grandmother had me drinking coffee with a bit of sugar and milk almost before I could talk). My kids have gotten their love of coffee from me, as well, and I am known to drink 2 big cups a day from my Keurig brewer, plus several cups brewed the old-fashioned way or via a "dunkable" coffee bag.

So that left us with lots and lots of K-cups and coffee pods.  My husband had been asking that we keep the used ones in old coffee cans on the counter rather than throwing them away. I was starting to become annoyed with the volume of them, but he cleverly turned them into a means of starting seeds this past week.  Here are the amazing results.

1. Sam cut the foil tops from the cups. 

2. Sam dumped out the used coffee.  If it was not moldy (which happened with a few "flavored" varieties), he put it into a big used coffee bowl.

3. Pods were then placed into plastic gardening trays and filled with potting soil. (Plastic shoeboxes work well, too!)

4. Seeds were planted.

5. Liberal amounts of water were added.

6. The trays were covered and kept out of direct sunlight. (We have an indoor greenhouse like this. We kept the curtain in front of it closed so that too much heat wasn't generated.)

7. After the seeds started to sprout, the trays were uncovered.

We did a combination of regular seed trays with included peat like these.  We also did the coffee pods.  The kids enjoyed helping.. as always!

What are you growing in your cups?