New Super-Absorbent Night-Time Options from Luvs

Baby diapers are one thing you don't want to have to think about at night.  My rule is.. unless the baby cries.. or he is noticeably uncomfortable, we don't wake the baby for a diaper change!  This means that I depend on my diaper to hold in wetness all night long.  Because, even though my little guy rarely makes it a whole night without waking up -- on those rare occasions when he does -- I don't want his diaper to risk our good night's sleep!

Walmart has been selling Luvs diapers at a good price for as long as I can remember.  These thin, but snug-fitting diapers are an affordable option for families that have a money-back guarantee on their leak-proof promise.  Now, you can look forward to "Night Lock" protection, which gives you the ultimate barrier to leaks and has 15% more absorbency than regular Luvs!

We tested just how much a diaper could hold in this video.  Watch it to see how our size 3 Luvs performed!

These diapers held up very well, and continue to pull wetness away from the surface even after they were completely saturated!

These diapers are available in Walmart stores now, or you can order them online and get free shipping on orders of over $50! (Just look for the blue seal to tell you that they are the new and improved diaper.) While you're there, be sure to sign up for the Luvs Club and you'll be entered to win free diapers, plus get special offers and coupons throughout the year.

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