7 Easy, Fun Earth Day Activities for You and Your Kids

Earth Day was first celebrated in 1970.  Now, we celebrate it every year on April 22nd.

If you think Earth Day is just an American holiday, think again.  Earth Day is celebrated by 192 countries!

Earth Day can be a great time to think about the environment and your impact.  It can also be a great time to teach your children how to take care of the Earth and recycle and reuse items so our planet will stay healthy for generations to come.

This collection of Earth Day ideas is meant to help you find fun, meaningful ways to celebrate the holiday with your children.  Enjoy!

Papier Mache Tutorial

Enjoy the ultimate recycled art project with papier mache.  The process is simple, but it's not quick, so be sure to devote a couple of days to making your creation.

Upcycled Paint Can Fall Floral DIY

We're used to throwing away items like old paint cans, but you can add a lot of charm to your yard by creating a vintage flower planter with them instead.

It's Garden Time!  Reusing K-Cups Coffee Pods to Start Seeds

Why spend money buying seed starter kits when you likely have what you need at home to start seeds in your used K-Cups?

Easy Homemade Seed Tape Tutorial

Looking for a meaningful Mother's Day idea?  Why not create your own seed tape so Mom can think of you and the kids every time she sees her garden growing or pulls a veggie?

Planting Succulents in a Repurposed Poultry Waterer

Finding purposes for used items on a farm can be difficult, unless you use a little imagination. Chicken waterers come in all shapes and sizes, but they all make a great home for small plants.

How We Converted an Old Steel Hog Feeder into a Beautiful Raised Strawberry Bed

The old hog feeder was an eye sore until it received some TLC.  Now, it's a raised strawberry bed that adds a touch of beauty to the yard.

Egg Carton Seedlings Tutorial

You can do one better than simply throwing cardboard egg cartons in the recycling.  Use them instead as a seed starting kit!

Which of these activities would you like to do to celebrate Earth Day?  What is your favorite Earth Day activity?