#ChickWatch Day 20: Baby Chicks are Here!

We have babies!  We set 3 batches of eggs into the incubator, and batch #2, which was scheduled to hatch tomorrow, started hatching today!  We had one egg with pipping this morning, and within hours, we have 8 or 9 eggs with tiny holes in the shells.  Just before dinner, 2 babies hatched!

It has been amazing knowing that they are coming.  A few hours before they pip, you can hear them chirping from inside the egg.  Now, with just 2 born, they are certainly loud!  I can't imagine how much noise they will make when more are here!

They are drying out, warming up, and getting fluffy in the incubator.  We'll take them out when they are closer to 24 hours old, or when more eggs hatch.  (We don't want the incubator to lose heat or humidity from opening it too often.)

We are still waiting on activity from Batch #1, which is showing no signs of life at the moment. I wonder if they were a bad batch?