Erasing Crow's Feet with the Burt's Bees #28DayFaceCleanse Challenge

When we were asked to try out Burt's Bees new Renewal line of skin care, a couple of my friends couldn't believe that I would need it.  "You don't have wrinkles, Linsey!"  This is what I hear over and over again.  But the fact is, that -- even though I'm very careful to stay out of the sun and hydrate my skin properly -- at 36 years of age, things happen.

A recent weekend in the yard had left my face a bit wind-parched and red.  It brought out the little lines on the sides of my eyes (Crow's Feet they are oftenly called), and while I had never used a night cream before, I thought that a couple of week's using the Burt's Bees Renewal Firming Night Cream with Hibiscus and Apple Rejuvenating Complex could help.

I really don't like the way night products feel on my face, often heavy or greasy, and the first time I used this cream, I ended up not keeping it on through the night.  I tried it again the 2nd night, just on the top half of my face, where my combination skin is the driest.  This worked out perfectly, and I not only tolerated the cream, I actually looked forward to applying it each night after washing my face.

The feeling was light and "whipped", so it didn't take much to soak into my skin.  I love the smell. I can't really describe it as anything but fresh and not chemically.  Since I currently can't use any products with harsh anti-aging ingredients, I have enjoyed using this product for over 2 weeks with no adverse side effects.  I feel like I can finally see some wrinkle reduction like I experienced back in the days when I could use anything on my face, but without worries of waking up blotchy or irritated.

Here are some photos of how my skin had changed over the 2 weeks using the product.  My wrinkles weren't very defined, so it's hard to see just how well it worked.  It think the most improvement was seen in the over health of my skin.  It went from red and "worn" looking from time spent outside, to soft and a bit glowing.

I have also had fewer "sheet marks" on my face upon waking, which happen when I tend to bunch up the blankets under my head while sleeping.  My pillow case isn't greasy either, which is one of the reasons I'll continue to use this pleasantly gentle product.

You can see from the photo below, just how much I've used.  Even covering just half my face, a little goes a long way.  This is from 2 weeks of nightly use.  The price ($18.76 at Walmart) is right for a product I can use on sensitive skin for long periods of time.

Get this and the other products in the Renewal Line (Smoothing Eye Cream, Firming Day Lotion, Intensive Firming Serum, and Refining Cleanser) at your local Walmart store in the Burt's Bees section, or buy it online!

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