From Prom to Beyond: How to Avoid The One-Use Formal Dress

I have such fond memories of my prom dress.  It was so unique, and it really fit my personality.  Unfortunately, like most American girls, once the special event was over, the dress went into my closet -- forever.  It seemed so sad that I paid for my own dress with the hard work from my part-time job in high school, only to never wear that dress again.

Today's kids face the same dilemma, and while there are many good ways to put a used prom dress to use (resell or donation come to mind), it would be ideal if society could accept those dresses being worn again.  But I understand kids needing to have a new dress for each occasion, and that it's taboo to be seen in the exact same prom dress more than once.

The good folks at Henkaa have really come up with a solution for this ages old problem.  Their convertible dresses can be worn over a dozen ways, meaning you can wear your prom dress one way, then completely change the style to create a original look the next time you wear it. No one will ever know that the dress you are wearing to your graduation reception is your prom dress.  You can wear it to other graduate's parties.  You can wear it to weddings. You can even take it to college for your college formals!

Here's a quick video showing how these dresses work.  As you can see, the possibilities for just one dress seem endless (especially if you were to accessorize in completely different ways with each wear.)

At under $175 for a dress, it's on par budget-wise with other prom dresses.  But this dress has so much more life in it.  It's really like getting handful of dresses in one!

This prom, take the eco-friendly and budget conscious approach and snag a Henkaa dress in one of many styles and over a dozen hot colors.  No one will show up wearing the same dress as you... I promise!

Thanks to Henkaa for partnering with me on this post. Opinions are my own.