How About a Little Honey Apple in Your Salsa? Introducing KYVAN!

Our family eats a lot of salsa! Most of it comes from jars from the grocery, and occasionally, we'll also buy the "fresh" salsa from the produce counter.  We love it mild, spicy, fruity, and on everything!  That's why we were not going to pass up the opportunity to try Kyvan's Honey Apple Salsa -- in both Mild and Hot!

This is a colorful, deep red salsa that is sassy and sweet! I had never tried anything quite like it, and we devoured a bag of tortilla chips so quickly drenched in this salsa.  I loved the rich flavor and chunky texture.  There was something so unique about it, but it was savory, too.

KYVAN Foods is a specialty food line of products created by former NFL player Reggie Kelly and his wife, Sheila, and named after a combo of their two kids' names. All of their products are created in the same unique way as their salsa -- with love!  As they say at KYVAN:  "One taste and you will Appreciate the Goodness!" That is certainly what happened when my kids tasted their first jar of this salsa.

My family has asked twice if we have anymore of this salsa, but I have had to tell them that's gone. The salsa is starting to appear in Walmart stores down South, (and you can request that your store carry it, too.) If you've like to get your hands on this custom treat, you can check out the estore on their website, talk to them on Facebook, and get tasty recipe ideas via their Pinterest account.

*We received samples from the kind folks at KYVAN Foods. Opinions are our own.