No Measuring. Less Mess. New Purex Powershot Detergent

If you knew how gross my laundry room was....

Part of the problem is the laundry soap that seems to get everywhere.  When my kids do laundry, their well-meaning, but shaky hands seem to drip the liquid stuff all over.  And there seems to be so much drippage when they put the measuring caps back on!

Purex has pretty much done away with this nonsense by launching their new Powershot Detergent.  Using it is a simple as opening the cap, pouring the laundry soap, and putting the cap back on.

Just see what I'm talking about in this video:

So skip the drips and get cleaning power that doesn't leave your laundry room a mess!  You can find this product now at Walmart stores (starting at $3.97 for the bottle shown here) and at!

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