Simple Fix for a Broken Laptop Display: Upgraded Monitor

I love my HP laptop. I wouldn't have ever stopped using it before I accidentally dropped a heavy speaker bar on it and had to replace the screen myself.  A few months after the fix, however, the screen started going out again, and this time, it was going to be too expensive to repair.

I had wanted to upgrade my monitor for sometime, so I finally committed to the idea of an external monitor for my laptop. I don't take it places, anyway, so using it like a desktop just made sense.

I found this 19" Element Electronics monitor at my local Walmart for $99.  It perfectly fit the area I had turned into a desk in my room.  Now, all I had to do was put together the monitor, hook  it up with an HDMI cable, and enjoy the bigger view!

Here's a video of what I did to pull this off.  It's so simple, anyone can do it!

Walmart has a wide selection of LED monitors online, so -- even if you don't find the exact size and price you want in-store, you can probably get it delivered to your home -- for FREE -- on orders of $50+.  Or choose Site to Store and pick it up when you get your groceries!

I love that this monitor can be used for other things, too.  I can hook up my Roku 3 to it, or even a cordless antennae to get local digital channels.  I have turned my broken laptop into a desktop and a complete entertainment center for a little over $120!