Star Wars is out on Digital Release -- And a Fun Unboxing!

You guys.

I couldn't more excited that all of my favorite films -- Star Wars -- are out on Digital Release today from Disney,  Lucasfilm and 20th Century Fox!  Since we consume most of our video on streaming these days, it's so excited to know that we can upgrade our ancient VHS tapes with the quality and convenience of digital copy.

You can find the digital movie collection where you buy your digital movies. (We received a Google Play download code to watch the film together as a family).  It's a super easy way to add to your film collection and share your love of all things Jedi with your kids!

We received a super generous box of goodies yesterday, and the boys were bonkers over the contents.  Check out our unboxing below.

Photos of our experience below..

Will you be getting your digital copies?  Which Star Wars was your fave? We're going to be spending the weekend taking in digital versions of these classic films -- including The Empire Strikes Back!

Have some fun with your own family via these activities:

*Digital copy of a movie and gifts received. Opinions are my own.


  1. Those were some great goodies! I think my husband would have cried if a box with that much Stars Wars stuff came to our house :)

  2. We are so blessed. The boys are getting a little bit crazy with the light sabers, though. I may or may not have had to put them up a few times ;)


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