A Serum for What Ails Your Hair: Volume and Vitality with the Schwarzkopf Filler

My fine, limp hair has been very much improved since I started using the Schwarzkopf Shampoo and Conditioner 2 weeks ago.  Now, it was time to add in another product to my bare-bones routine, and this one I was actually a bit nervous about.  Why? To be honest, I had never, ever tried anything that was this concentrated or special; I didn't even know what a serum was!

The Essence ULTIME Biotin Volume and Vitality Hair Filler Serum was a completely new concept to me.  It is a small bottle of oily liquid that is supposed to strengthen and make hair appear fuller.  Since I can always use fullness, I tried a few drops in my already dry hair to see if it made a difference.

I was worried that this would make my hair look oily, but it really absorbs nicely, and the more you spread it on your hands and apply it evenly, the better it works.

I have super straight hair, but the addition of just 4 drops into my dry hair gave it some additional texture.  My layers weren't so flat, and this was without any blow drying or work from a texture brush.  (In fact, I had put my hair into a pony while it was WET earlier in the day.  So this is with a bit of a mark from my pony and no additional styling.)  You can also use this product on wet hair; just be sure to spread it evenly from roots to tips!

I enjoy the smell of this product, and using it requires no additional work.  Since it's safe to use daily, I'll add it to my shampoo/conditioning routine.  I'm loving the way my hair is gradually feeling more full and healthy.  You can go all day without it adding to the weight or oil feel of your hair!

This easy addition to an already simple hair care routine is just $6.97, meaning you can get 3-4 times the amount of product over brands that are only sold in salons.  Get it (along with the entire OMEGA Volume and Vitality line) now at Walmart stores or shop online!  Does your hair need a little more volume?

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